About us

Tokyo Koon Co., Ltd. was established in 1948 as a film laboratory. We provide audiovisual conservation and digitization services worldwide for museums and individuals who want to preserve their film, video, and audio collections.

Our Services

*Documentation and condition report
*Repair and cleaning
*Up to 4K digitization and transformation
*Color correction
*Treatment and physical restoration
*Digital restoration

Film Digitization

We can digitize a variety of film formats up to 4K resolution by a scanner, ScanStation of Lasergrhaphics, Inc. We also provide both physical and digital restoration services for degraded film, first repairing the film by hand. After repair and cleaning, we digitize and apply digital restoration software to remove dust, dirt, scratches, splice marks and so on.

Video & Audio Digitization

We maintain a wide variety of replay and cleaning equipment in-house to convert video and audio tapes into digital files. Before digitization, we provide repair and cleaning services for every tapes in order to remove dust, dirt, mold and white powder.

Available formats